Cardagraph Launches Hyper-modern Software Platform to Capture Leadership of the Emerging Business Productivity Analytics Market

— New solution solves critical issue for operations, marketing, financial, and technology leaders, is supported by Fortune 500 customers, and is backed by funding from tenured SaaS software investors

SALT LAKE CITY (March 9, 2021)—Cardagraph™, the leading provider in the fast-emerging Business Productivity Analytics (BPA) market, is announcing that its new SaaS platform has emerged from two years of development and beta customer use. The Cardagraph Platform uniquely bridges the data visibility gap plaguing business leaders, especially those in operations, product, financial, and marketing roles. Cardagraph’s solution has been validated by several Fortune 500 companies using the platform within the past 24 months.

Cardagraph launched its solution to challenge the current approach of business processes, a multi-billion-dollar, fractured market, primarily led by aging, expensive, and ineffective solutions. Cardagraph research revealed that today’s prominence of business data is actually causing an acute lack of visibility and efficiency. The company’s early discussions with these business leaders revealed their growing frustration with the many conflicting business systems and reporting solutions, and with the resulting lack of insight and action to increase business process and efficiency — especially when analyzing a remote work environment.

Cardagraph solves this problem by easily connecting to the most common data systems used by teams today, such as Salesforce, Slack, Google, HubSpot, Workfront, Jira, and more. Proprietary algorithms, AI, and machine learning take data that’s brought into the Cardagraph Platform and — without costly and time-consuming manual analytics — automatically showcases areas of focus, opportunity, and improvement.

“For business leaders who are being asked to drive growth and manage teams better — especially in remote-first work environments — our platform is a dream come true,” said Bentley Wilson, co-founder and CEO of Cardagraph. “The opportunity to solve big problems for business leaders is what’s driving our teams and our focus. It’s all about making our customers’ lives better.”

Today Cardagraph is also announcing a prominent round of funding to continue to accelerate its development and growth. The funding is led by tenured technology investors, including John Richards, CEO of the popular Startup Ignition; Greg Butterfield, investor and SageCreek Managing Partner; John Pestana, CEO of ObservePoint and former co-founder of Omniture; Don Morris, CEO and chairman of Health and Benefit Systems; Scott Petersen, Successful Entrepreneur and Angel Investor; and more.

“Our momentum is validating, and we thank our customers and investors for it as we take on the challenge of disrupting the old ways of doing business,” said Spencer Jack, co-founder and COO of Cardagraph. “Our thoughtful approach to this problem means our busy customers can do their jobs better and faster, delivering greater efficiency and productivity, which makes them more successful in their roles.”

Learn more about how Cardagraph delivers hyper-modern business productivity analytics by reading their new paper, Shifting Process Management from an Art to a Science, at

About Cardagraph
The Cardagraph™ Platform pulls data from the software tools you already use. It automatically gathers, organizes, combines, and visualizes that data in real-time to create new insights. This allows businesses to weaponize otherwise stagnant data and to empower informed decision-making and increased productivity. Cardagraph’s solution has been validated by many Fortune 500 customers. With Cardagraph, you have more visibility into your processes than ever before — especially with a distributed workforce. Reach out to Cardagraph by visiting, by emailing or requesting a solutions demo at